Savory Dips
Bac'n Ranch Dip - $5.00
All the herbs and spices of ranch you love, jazzed up with smoky bacon bits.
Bac'n Tomato Dip - $5.00
Two of your favorite flavors in a cool, creamy dip.
Spinach & Herb Dip - $5.00
The easiest spinach dip you'll ever make! Our most popular savory dip.
Garlic Lovers Dip - $5.00
If you love garlic, you'll love this one! Directions are on the back for making a cheeseball, too.
Hot Stuff! - $5.00
Habenero pepper, tomato, and cilantro team up in this spicy dip. Our hottest dip yet!
Shrimp Dip - $5.00
Mix with fresh or frozen shrimp for a quick dip or spread.
Chipotle Spinach Dip - $5.00
Plenty of spicy and smoky jalapeno flavor in this one!
Dilly Dip - $5.00
Tastes great with veggies, fish, or baked potatoes. Check out the recipes page for a delicious chicken salad!
Mardi Gras Dip - $5.00
Bold Cajun spices you can use as a dip or a rub.
Blooming Onion Dip - $5.00
A bit spicier than your ordinary onion dip.
Crab Dip - $5.00
Creamy goodness that lets the delicate crab flavor shine through.
Jalapeno Dip - $5.00
Cool sour cream and spicy jalapenos together in one bite. Wow!
South of the Border - $5.00
Southwestern flavor without the burn. A nice break from the same old salsa and chips.
Cheese Dip - $5.00
Makes a great party dip for crackers or a nice sandwich spread.
Tomato Horseradish - $5.00
A tasty blend of sun dried tomatoes and zesty horseradish.
Pesto Tomato Dip - $5.00
Bits of sundried tomato blend perfectly with fragrant basil to make a really flavorful treat.
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